My Resume

From classes to internships and so many new skills, here's a glimpse into my time at Auburn.

You find out early on you need experience to get a job, but it’s hard to get experience without previous experience, right? That’s what I set out to do in college. The things that make up my resume have transformed the direction I want to go in my life. As the first person to hold my position at Initial Outfitters, the amount of areas to learn and grow in are incredible. I get to play a part in so many different areas. Each internship showed me a little more of what I'm good at, what I'm not as strong at and what I like. As for my education as a whole, I believe in Auburn and the professors who taught me. Because of that, I feel prepared to conquer any job that comes my way. Through my time in Auburn, the number of skills I have learned has grown at an increasing rate. Beginning with simple communication skills to now learning software used in much of the industry, I can happily see how far I’m coming. The best thing about that is there is still room to grow, still more to learn and even more to add to this continuing resume.

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