Auburn Parks and Recreation Survey Research

Survey Research

During my survey research course, I was placed in a group that would carry out a research project for the Auburn City Parks and Recreation department. The parks and recreation department wanted research to hear what locals use to determine the swimming lesson program for their children and a review of its specific program.

We began by meeting with the client to determine the needs and information they wanted to receive from the survey. We then decided on specific sections of the survey like location, facilities, length and price. We carefully worded each question so anyone taking it would be able to fully comprehend what was being asked of them. Anyone who frequently makes surveys knows the time and consideration that goes into the simplest wording of each question. To receive accurate data, a solid survey sample needed to happen. Unlike many groups, we could not get Auburn University students to take the survey because they possess the wrong demographics. Working with the client, we were able to send the link to an email group of participants from the previous three years, as well as post the link on the city website and in the weekly newsletter. Because of this, we achieved the large sample we needed to get credible results. Once we concluded the survey, my group went through the results and wrote a report to present to the client. Our presentation to the client included recommendations to improve Auburn’s program based on the wants and needs of our sample and a simple explanation of the results.

You can view the PDF version here.

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