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A lot of time was poured into writing and designing during this project. To begin, I wrote six articles for three different publications over the course of the semester. The articles for The Corner News, Alabama Extension Daily and the Auburn Family blog were all published online throughout the semester. Once published, I submitted the articles into my InDesign project. The assignment was a 16-page magazine including a front and back cover, table of contents, about the author page and 12 pages of stories.

Each story includes a title, subtitle, byline, caption, pull quote and drop cap, along with body text. There were a variety of fonts used consistently throughout the magazine, as well as page layouts. The difference between each story is the body text formatting. Some are in two columns, some in three and one with single block text. I changed the style depending on the page layout I desired for that specific story. Different styles worked better with different subheadings, as well as photos.

This project helped me become familiar with different parts of InDesign which is an important tool to continue to grow in.

You can view the PDF version here.

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