Photoshop Infographic

Click here to view the entire “5 Steps for Writing an Article” infographic.

This infographic was made from scratch using Photoshop. I explained how to write an article because of its relevance to the industry and jobs I am interested in. Public relations is largely made up of writing, so I felt this topic was appropriate. As for the style, I used the blocks for each number as a focal point. The summaries of each step explain my thought process every time I write an article and are the things I think are most important. I wanted to include the tips at the bottom because they are important editing tips that help set an article apart from others.

Canva Infographic

Click here to view the entire “The Importance of Social Media” infographic.

The second infographic was made on Canva. Everyone knows social media is playing a bigger role in promotions and will continue to grow in importance. This infographic simply shows that the number of users on four important platforms is extremely high. Along the lines of social media being effective in public relations, I showed how it helps businesses. I pulled ideas and information for these from an online article and listed my references at the bottom of the infographic. I wanted a clean and contemporary feel for this infographic. Using the photo in the background versus a plain color helped me achieve this, and pulling colors from the globe for the text helped create a cohesive and fun look for the graphic.

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