Animated GIF

This GIF was made using Photoshop. Using pictures provided by Auburn Athletics, I set them on a loop. This simple task could really elevate the look of any sports social media. The idea behind a GIF like this would be to post one on Twitter after every game and present the "best looks of the game" for followers.

Pictures courtesy Auburn University Athletics.

Animated GIF

This GIF was made using Photoshop. Once I had downloaded the video offline, I imported it into Photoshop using the video frames. I took one of every 10 frames from the video to create this GIF. Taking those frames out is why the video appears a bit choppy versus the smoothness of the entire video clip, but it is what makes the video quicker.

My freshman year included some incredible football games including the famous “Prayer at Jordan-Hare” against Georgia and the even more famous “Kick Six” against Alabama. Besides those two unlikely plays, this was my favorite over the entire season. Sammie Coates destroys this guy when he slams him to the ground. The crazy thing? Coates is on offense! Just add Coach Gus Malzahn’s “BOOM” to it, and it’s the perfect play.

Video courtesy Youtube. Thumbnail photo courtesy of

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