Hi, I'm Peyton!

In a simple explanation, I’m just a small town girl who has broken out of her shell. I love people and seek genuine relationships with those around me. I’ve learned that sitting back and being quiet won’t do much, so I’m always a handshake and introduction away. It’s been really neat looking back over the last five years in Auburn and seeing how my personality has done a 180 in the best way. Simple, easy-going and a little sarcastic, I love having fun and making others laugh.

I had no clue what the real world was going to have in store. I still don't, and that is totally okay! Transitioning out of college while still in Auburn has been an interesting adjustment, but I am surrounded by the best people in a city I love.Not a bad deal if you ask me!

I spent my time at Auburn jumping into organizations, filling semesters with internships that offered the coolest opportunities and building friendships with people from all different areas. I’ve learned the art of multitasking and working under pressure but also the importance of taking a breath and enjoying the moment you’re in.

All of the things I’ve been involved in have helped me develop a love for each characteristic portrayed in public relations and the communications aspect that comes with it. I cannot wait to dive in and pursue a career that I will love.

Overall, I’m just a happy, twenty-something that has been blessed beyond measure, and I'm ready to accomplish whatever comes my way.

Want to know a little bit more?

I grew up in a small town no one has ever heard of, Susan Moore, Alabama. In an area where there's nothing to do and the back roads are lined with cotton fields and pastures, I loved that I knew everyone in town and they knew me.

Where am I headed? Well right after graduation, I moved... Down the street! I accepted a great first job in Auburn, and what a great first year (and some) it's been!

  • Auburn
  • Friends
  • Sports
  • Traveling
  • Dessert
  • Chicken Fingers

There’s something special about being genuinely interested in others. I strive to make everyone I encounter feel special and loved. Whether it’s a simple smile or remembering their name, you can make people feel important by just listening and caring about them.

I live and breathe sports. Although I may not have the most knowledge about every team in every sport, I love the competition, strategy and atmosphere that comes with athletics. I like to think I can hold my own in a conversation about all of it. Playing three sports throughout my entire life, my love for sports has become a passion I hope I can carry into the workforce.

I’ve loved Auburn since the day I could barely say “War Eagle.” Having both parents graduate from the university, I grew up going to games and learning my way around campus. It was an absolute dream to attend Auburn and be a part of the atmosphere that comes with the town. Auburn is more than just football (which I love), but it’s built on tradition, family and character. This school has played a part in who I am and brought some of the most important people into my life.

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